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I LIKE books – part of my collection of cryptozoology books; click photo to enlarge it, and see how many titles you recognise and/or are in your own collection (Dr Karl Shuker)
It has recently occurred to me that not everyone may know that my official website – http://www.karlshuker.com – contains the most comprehensive bibliography of cryptozoology books ever prepared, the culmination of years of adding new and hitherto-overlooked titles that began more than a decade ago when I and Twilight Books bookseller Steven Shipp from Somerset jointly compiled the original, much smaller version that was published in issues #6, #7, and #8 of the CFZ’s quarterly cryptozoological magazine, Animals and Men.
So, please click here for instant access to this definitive cryptozoology bibliography, containing hundreds of titles listed in categories, and which I continue to update periodically. If you know of any cryptozoology book titles not included in it, please provide details here in this ShukerNature post’s comments section below, and I’ll be happy to add them forthwith. Many thanks indeed, and enjoy browsing the bibliography!
Some of the cryptozoology and cryptozoology-related books that I’ve written down through the years, including a selection of their foreign editions and foreign-language translations (Dr Karl Shuker)

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