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The issue of Gold Key’s ‘Korak Son of Tarzan’ comic featuring his confrontation with the Nandi bear (Gold Key)

In a previous ShukerNature post (click here), I stated that as far as I was aware, the only comic ever to feature Africa’s most ferocious mystery beast, the dreaded chemosit or Nandi bear, in a starring role was the March 1963 issue of Gold Key’s ‘Tarzan’ – in which Edgar Rice Burroughs’s most famous creation confronts and conquers the rapacious cryptid originating from Kenya’s dense Nandi forest. This comic had been brought to my attention by Swedish Facebook friend and folklorist Håkan Lindh.
Now, Håkan has revealed an equally exciting sequel-style discovery – a second comic starring the Nandi bear. Moreover, keeping the history of cryptozoological confrontation in the family, as it were, the comic in question is none other than the April 1969 issue (#28) of Gold Key’s ‘Korak Son of Tarzan’!
As illustrated on its front cover (the picture that opens this present ShukerNature blog), the story is entitled ‘Flight From Doom’, and this time the Nandi bear is terrorising a race of mini-people, but is thwarted by Tarzan’s son, Korak – only for the mini-people to turn on him! There’s gratitude for you! Thanks for informing me of this second Nandi bear-featuring comic, Håkan!
The issue of Gold Key’s ‘Tarzan’ comic featuring his confrontation with the Nandi bear (Gold Key)

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