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    Mirabilis has arrived in my study! (Dr Karl Shuker)

Mirabilis is here! I’m very happy to announce that my newly-published 19th book is now available to purchase on Amazon (including both the US and UK sites) and via all other good bookstores. Click here to visit the Mirabilis page on my website, which contains full details concerning my latest book’s specifications and content as well as direct clickable links to order it on US Amazon and UK Amazon, and also from its publisher, Anomalist Books (at AnomalistBooks.com).
Much as I am delighted that Mirabilis is now in print, on a personal note today is also one of great sorrow and poignancy for me, in that this is the first published book of mine that my dear little Mom, Mary Shuker, will never see. My greatest supporter throughout my life, whose abiding faith in me never wavered even when my own did (and still does, on a frequent basis), Mom passed away earlier this year, on Easter Monday, leaving me so devastated that I sometimes wondered during the days and weeks that followed whether I would ever see another book of mine published either.
And yet here it is, and here am I still, somehow, in my grief drawing strength and purpose from knowing how proud Mom would be today, and how much more she would also want me to achieve in my life. I have dedicated Mirabilis to her, in grateful, humble thanks to the best person I shall ever know, and I pray that I shall forever be worthy of her in all that I do throughout the remainder of my days. God bless you Mom, I love you, always.

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