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The orang pendek of Sumatra in Indonesia’s Greater Sundas island group has attracted considerable cryptozoological attention, but could there also be diminutive yet previously less-publicised man-beasts existing still-undiscovered by science on Indonesia’s much smaller Lesser Sundas island of Flores?
Does an ornate 16th-century painting from India’s Mughal Empire hold the key to the former existence in Asia of a mystery cat analogous to Africa’s king cheetah?
How can the vast diversity of reports appertaining to mysterious freshwater cryptids across the length and breadth of Spain be explained?
What is the taxonomic identity of the koolookamba, a longstanding African mystery ape known not only from reports but also from captive specimens – just an aberrant version of chimpanzee, or a taxonomically discrete form in its own right, or even a bona fide chimpanzee-gorilla hybrid?
These are the fascinating subjects and thought-provoking questions under consideration in the papers contained within Volume 2 of the Journal of Cryptozoology – the world’s only peer-reviewed scientific periodical devoted to mystery animals – which is now available to pre-order here. Don’t miss it!
Engravings from 1896 of Mafuca, the most famous koolookamba to have been exhibited in captivity

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