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My first 25 books – click picture to enlarge (© Dr Karl Shuker)
Today is the fourth anniversary of my mother Mary Shuker’s passing. I owe my lifelong love of reading, writing, and nature to Mom – her love for all wildlife nurtured my own from my earliest days, and her impeccable command of the English language tutored and guided my own throughout my life. Consequently, to commemorate and celebrate her kindly, positive, and truly immeasurable influence upon my entire existence and career, the present ShukerNature blog article is dedicated to my mother, and consists of a frequently-requested, currentlycomplete listing of all of the books that I have written, have acted as consultant for, have contributed to, or to which I have written a foreword. It will be updated whenever new books need to be added here.

Without you, Mom, none of my writings would have existed – God bless you, and thank you for the inestimable love, joy, happiness, and blessings that you gave to me and bestowed upon me by being in my life as my mother.

Mom and my Jack Russell terrier Patch during the mid-late 1970s (© Dr Karl Shuker)
Extraordinary Animals Worldwide (Robert Hale: London, 1991)
Dragons: A Natural History (Aurum Press: London/Simon & Schuster: New York, 1995)
From Flying Toads To Snakes With Wings: From the Pages of FATE Magazine (Llewellyn Publications: St Paul, Minnesota,1997)
The Hidden Powers of Animals: Uncovering the Secrets of Nature (Reader’s Digest: Pleasantville/Marshall Editions: London, 2001)
The New Zoo: New and Rediscovered Animals of the Twentieth Century [fully-updated, greatly-expanded, new edition of The Lost Ark] (House of Stratus Ltd: Thirsk, UK/House of Stratus Inc: Poughkeepsie, USA, 2002)
Dragons in Zoology, Cryptozoology, and Culture (Coachwhip Publications: Greenville, 2013)
Still In Search Of Prehistoric Survivors – The Creatures That Time Forgot? (Coachwhip Publications: Darke County, 2016)

Some alternative-cover editions of various of my books (© Dr Karl Shuker)

NB – Several of my books have also been published in editions sporting various alternative covers and/or titles, and/or also in various foreign-language editions, as demonstrated via the selections of examples depicted directly above and directly below this present paragraph, but for reasons of conciseness I have not itemised these editions separately here.

A selection of the many foreign-language editions of my book Dragons: A Natural History currently published – click picture to enlarge (those shown here are as follows – From left to right, top row: English, Czech, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese; bottom row: Estonian, Hungarian, German, Dutch, and French. There are others, but I don’t have copies of them so far – publishers are not always good at sending complimentary copies to the authors!) (© Dr Karl Shuker) 

Consultant and also Contributor

Man and Beast (Reader’s Digest: Pleasantville, New York, 1993)
Secrets of the Natural World (Reader’s Digest: Pleasantville, New York, 1993)
Almanac of the Uncanny (Reader’s Digest: Surry Hills, Australia, 1995)


Monsters (Lorenz Books: London, 2001)


Fortean Times Weird Year 1996 (Fortean Times/John Brown Publishing Ltd: London, 1996)
Mysteries of the Deep (Llewellyn: St Paul, 1998)
Guinness Amazing Future (Guinness: London, 1999) 
The Earth (Channel 4 Books: London, 2000) 
Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained (Chambers: Edinburgh, 2007) 
Chambers Myths and Mysteries (Chambers: Edinburgh, 2008) 
The Fortean Times Paranormal Handbook (Dennis Publishing: London, 2009) 
Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies (Wyrd Harvest Press/Lulu, 2015) 
Tales of the Damned: An Anthology of Fortean Horror (Fortean Fiction: Bideford, 2016)

Plus numerous contributions to the Centre for Fortean Zoology’s Animals and Men Yearbooks, Fortean Studies volumes, and various other annual publications.

Contributor (CD ROM Format)

Of Monsters and Miracles (Croydon Museum Services & Interactive Designs Ltd: Oxton, 1995)


Journal of Cryptozoology (CFZ Press: Bideford, 2012-present day)

Contributor of Foreword to Other Authors’ Books

DOWNES, Jonathan, The Smaller Mystery Carnivores of the Westcountry (CFZ Publications: Exwick, 1996) 
SCREETON, Paul, Whisht Lads and Haad Yor Gobs: The Lambton Worm and Other Northumbrian Dragon Legends (Northeast Press Ltd: Pennywell, 1998) 
BEER, Trevor, Trevor Beer’s Nature Watch (Halsgrove: Tiverton, 1998) 
BEER, Endymion, Down Ferny Lane (Edward Gaskell: Bideford, 2005) 
JAMES, Corinna, and DOWNES, Jonathan (eds) CFZ Expedition Report 2006 Gambia (CFZ Press: Bideford, 2006) 
ARNOLD, Neil, Monster! The A-Z of Zooform Phenomena (CFZ Press: Bideford, 2007) 

DOWNES, Jonathan, and DOWNES, Corinna (eds), CFZ Expedition Report 2007 Guyana (CFZ Press: Bideford, 2007)

WOODLEY, Michael A., In the Wake of Bernard Heuvelmans: An Introduction to the History and Future of Sea Serpent Classification (CFZ Press: Bideford, 2008) 

DOWNES, Jonathan (ed.), CFZ Expedition Report 2008 Russia (CFZ Press: Bideford, 2008) 

MOLLOY, Nick, Predator Deathmatch (CFZ Press: Bideford, 2009) 
FREEMAN, Richard, CFZ Expedition Report 2010 India (CFZ Press: Bideford, 2010) 
PACIOREK, Andrew L., Strange Lands: A Field-Guide to the Celtic Otherworld (Andrew L. Paciorek: Howden-le-Wear, 2011) 
GERHARD, Ken, Encounters With Flying Humanoids: Mothman, Manbirds, Gargoyles and Other Winged Beasts (Llewellyn Publications: St Paul, Minnesota, 2013) 
LANG, Rebecca (ed.) The Tasmanian Tiger: Extinct or Extant? (Strange Nation Publishing: Sydney, 2014) 
MUIRHEAD, Richard, Muirhead’s Mysteries (CFZ Press: Bideford, 2016)
Something different – how various of my books’ front covers would look if viewed as negatives (© Dr Karl Shuker)

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