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ShukerNatureBook 2 is here! – which also just so happens to be Book #30, my 30th published book in 31 years of cryptozoological research and writing  (and not counting those many additional volumes for which I have acted as consultant and/or contributor rather than sole author) (© Dr Karl Shuker/Coachwhip Publications)
Here be monsters! Following the success of my first ShukerNature book, published by Coachwhipin April of this year, I now take great pleasure in inviting readers to pay a second visit in hard-copy format to my long-running, award-winning blog – which for over a decade has been uniquely uncovering and documenting the most extraordinary, and truly monstrous, denizens of cryptozoology and unnatural history ever reported and investigated.
Within this second spellbinding Coachwhip-published compilation in book form of blog articles selected and updated from ShukerNature, you will encounter such incredible entities as an eight-legged blue devil in Belize and the big grey man of Ben MacDhui, thylacines in New Zealand, Chile’s lost mini-llamas, and Canada’s elusive duck beavers, medieval bottled manikins, the garden of a water-horse, and the menagerie of Medusa, resurrected lijagupards and rediscovered litigons, Lewis Carroll’s mock turtle and the cryptids of Doctor Dolittle, a marvellous mini-beast named after yours truly, Herman Melville’s Polynesian mystery cat and Harry Potter’s giant whip scorpion, plus Loys’s South American ‘ape’, gargantuan grasshoppers, and other fascinating fauna of the fraudulent kind, chupacabra chimpanzees, griffinosaurs, celestial stags, Australian monkeys, Europe’s last wildmen, what may (or may not?) be the real-life biblical Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, a decapitated unicorn from South Africa, and so much more besides.
Its full wraparound cover (© Dr Karl Shuker/Coachwhip Publications)
Its gates are open wide, waiting only for you to step inside its sequestered, shadowy domain and see with your own disbelieving eyes the monsters and miracles lurking there! From living gorgons to hidden homunculi, it’s high time for a return visit in tangible, page-turning state to ShukerNature!
Copies can be ordered directly from Amazon US here, from Amazon UK here (please ignore the latter UK site’s glitch-generated overlong delivery estimate), and at all good online or shopping street bookstores.
Holding my very own first copy of ShukerNature Book 2 (© Dr Karl Shuker)

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