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As an incorrigible bibliophile, I’ve always been an avid reader of both non-fiction and fiction, the latter genre being the subject of this newest blog of mine – Shuker’s Literary Likings, a blog for fiction fanciers and fancy fiction! Yet whereas in my recently-launched film blog Shuker In MovieLandI actively review movies (as well as the occasional TV show), I shall be using Shuker’s Literary Likings (or SLL for short) more as a cyber-showcase for novels and compilations that I have enjoyed and can heartily recommend to other fiction fanciers.
I shall be illustrating each such book with the specific edition(s) of it that I have owned/read, presenting its official blurb when available, and sometimes adding comments of my own where relevant, as well as any interesting, pertinent trivia that I may chance upon. And, not surprisingly, there will be a goodly number of works featuring a cryptozoological theme included!
Getting inside a good book could inspire you to write your own! (public domain)
So, without further ado, I enthusiastically invite you to click here to visit Shuker’s Literary Likings whenever you have some spare time, and browse my virtual library of novels and novellas, short stories and lengthy anthologies – a library that never closes or penalises you for keeping a book too long.
And who can say, perhaps you may find among its diverse multitude of enticing volumes that one special book which – knowingly or even unknowingly – you have been searching for your entire life. Stranger things have certainly happened, that’s for sure!

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